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Mydna Dysfunctii, Kishin of Dimensions

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Mydna Dysfunctii, Kishin of Dimensions Empty Mydna Dysfunctii, Kishin of Dimensions

Post by Sev7n on Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:52 pm

Name: Mydna Dysfunctii
Age: 122 apears 20
Personality: Mydna is very playful and clever, usually not taking anything serious and prefers to manipulate people, then sit back and watch all the damage her manipulation has done. She loves to feel like she is in charge, she has a need to be around others, and is very clever and could be compared to a fox or a snake. She is very good at lying, and isn't the loyal or hero type and will run away if things get to bad, though over the years she has become better at this and feels safer as she grows stronger. Mydna has a fascination with humans, and loves to play with them, she also has fascination death making her very ruthless and merciless.
History: Mydna lived in a Fishing village near Death City, only a couple miles east, she lived with her father, older sister, and two younger brothers. Their father was a drunk and never worked, leaving it up to his kids to find money and food, so one day Mydna went out to scavenge some food on her own, and stumbled across something that was blue and glowing, a soul, she didn't know the consequences for eating them, so she ate it. After that she went mad, starting to kill mostly children smaller than herself and eat their souls until she became a kishin, after that she started to abuse her new found power, and was sealed away by Lord Death for 100 years, and now thos 100 years are up, and the seal will break soon, allowing her to wreck havoc on the world again.
Form description: First form:, Imp/sealed Form, In this form, Mydna appears as an Imp, she is about 2'3 ft in this form and only 42 pounds, she wears a stone headress that covers her right eye, and her ears grow and become even more pointed, but her skin, hair, eye color, and tattoos remain the same.
Second Form: :, Human form, Mydna has long fiery orange hair, red eyes with yellow whites, an oval face, a half-up do hairstyle, black and blue/white skin with glowing blue rune-like tattoos, a long black cloak with a black lions cloth, barefoot with anklet.
Third Form: TBA
Soul nature:Light,
Rank: Monstrous Kishin/Kishin of Dimensions
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