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Character sheets + Information

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Character sheets + Information Empty Character sheets + Information

Post by Herp on Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:52 pm

Name: Must at least end with man just for the fun of it and regular megaman details.
Type: Please pick one type. Bomber, Knife thrower, Normal, Super strength.

Color: Pick 3 types of colors or you can make a picture upload it to a website and post it with a link.

Element: Fill it in. wood, water, air, fire, heat, portals, Light, Dark, Oil, Heat, Time, Metal, Strength, Gravity, Napalm magnetism, Concrete,

Stone, Sand, Snow, Light, Clouds, Crystal, Tools, Vacuum, Electricity, Gemeni, Earth, Needle, Plant,Speed, Necromancy, Warrior, Blades,

Creator: Pick the following. (Thomas Light, Albert W.Wily) If you did not know this Light is good Wily is Bad.

Level:1 only start with one.


Character Design: Example I Megaman Has a buster on my arm that learns the power of the enemy to use it against my foe.
You may have up to 10 abilities to keep it simple. Also each player will have a energy level.
0 level attack 0 posts to regenerate
1 level attack 1 posts to regenerate
2 level attack 2 posts to regenerate
3 level attack 3 posts to regenerate
4 level attack 4 posts to regenerate
5 level attack 5 posts to regenerate

This game is similar to the Final Fantasy turn phase battle style.

Ability name:
Energy level:

Paralysis-Must wait 2 posts.

Poison does- does 1 damage per post.

Healing- Takes one post to heal

Energy canisters- Refils energy

Health/energy- Every new created robot will start off with 10 hp. as they progress and learn more abilities they will level up. there hp will go up by 5's the same with energy level. Batteries are also healing items.

Rescue mission-If a users megaman character goes out of commision they can be asked to be rescued but they cannot be rescued during a battle.

Sparring-A megaman user and another megaman user could spar eachother in the dueling center.

Bounty room- A player can post a bounty on a specific player and a stronger player can go attack that megaman.

Element change- If a player changes there element to do a stronger attack on a element that is weaker to there current element but to achive this they must compplete the robot masters mission on all 3 Difficultys.

Difficultys- Human, Cyborg, Machine. if the player manages to defeat a robot master with all difficulties completed they will earn there ability and level up.

Missions- Depending on which mentor you chose. if you chose Dr. Light you will do missions like defend air ports or help humans. if you chose Wily you terrorise buildings and other people.

Profile/character- all completed missions,elements, level, health, and energy level will all be on your character sheet.

Shop- in the shop you can buy energy canisters going on a mission or you can buy Batteries.

Squads/team- A squad will be a group of people, you and your friends can go do missions together but not fight robot masters. A team is when a player decides to take down another player that picked a diffrent wily. A squad goes up to 3 people a team goes up to 4 people

Chance of the Dice- If the player rolls a even number there chance of being poisoned and paralyzed. if the player attacks a NPC with a poison attack the chance would have to be rolled. even numbers will tell if they are not poisoned. Odd numbers will say they are poisoned.

one Die will be used. same thing goes along with paralyziation.

Currency- this is money obviousley you get money by doing missions and defeating robot masters. a beginner mission is 5 dollars. a average mission is 10 dollars. a Defense mission is 15 dollars.

Defeating a robot master will equal 25 dollars.

Day chart- I will control the chart. the reason the day chart is here is because i will determine which side has done the most work and is becoming stronger than the other.

Pet center- this can only be unlocked by people who are on level 5. the pets are extremely expensive costing most around 100 Currency.

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